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”Lower Road” to

Infrastructure Innovation


Hanaku AG is a Swiss participative holding company taking majority and active stakes in companies investing in Small Scale Sustainable, Autonomous and Resilient Infrastructure (SCSRI) assets in:

  • The Sanitation Economy

  • Renewable Energy

  • Sustainable Housing

  • Healthcare

Hanaku offers its shareholders attractive risk adjusted returns reflected in the stable growth of its net asset value, dividend distributions and share buybacks.

Small Scale Infrastructure


√ Optimal Social and Environmental Benefits (aka dividends)*

√  Physical Dividends through uninterrupted access to critical infrastructure

√  Social Dividends through the improvement of community livelihoods

√  Natural Dividends through the minimisation of damage to biodiversity and natural capital

√  Financial Dividends through avoided asset disruption as well as de-risked and recuring monetary flows

*Source: Global Infrastructure Basel

Our Companies

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